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The Future of our Democracy is at Stake

After Democrats won the presidency and successfully flipped the Senate, Republicans have unleashed an unprecedented attack on voting rights across the country. With the passage of SB 202, Governor Brian Kemp and Republican legislators in Georgia have taken steps to drastically restrict the voting rights of Black people across the state. This is not only happening in Georgia; 43 states have introduced over 250 voter suppression laws since the November election. But these legislators don’t have the last word. There is federal legislation that would override all these bills. 

While states across the country have introduced racist voter suppression laws, the U.S. Senate is sitting on a bill, the For the People Act, that could protect voters from these brazen attempts to impede democracy. But, Republicans plan to use the Jim Crow Filibuster to block the bill from becoming law. Senate Democrats have the numbers needed to reform the Jim Crow Filibuster and pass the For the People Act — which would require automatic voter registration, simplified vote-by-mail, and expanded early voting across the country. 

The filibuster has been used in the past to block anti-lynching legislation, efforts to end poll taxes, and now it’s being used to protect states while they work to undermine the power of Black voters. Democrats who decry voter suppression laws like SB 202 but support the Jim Crow Filibuster aren’t truly committed to protecting our democracy; they’re choosing not to pass the For the People Act in order to protect a racist tradition. Senate Democrats need to pick a side: the Jim Crow Filibuster or the future of our democracy. 

Take action today and tell Senate Democrats to reform the Jim Crow Filibuster!

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By admin April 16, 2021